We produce steel-making coal. It is our product that helps make the steel that is used to build America and the world. We are committed to providing a high-quality product in a sustainable manner.

Allegheny Metallurgical is a metallurgical coal operation nestled in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia in the small community of Volga. More than a half billion dollars has been invested in the construction and establishment of the site in preparation for our operations. At our maximum capacity we will provide opportunities for more than 400 individuals interested in a long-term, well-paying career.

We are a safety-minded operation. We are dedicated to being a long-term, responsible employer and accountable neighbor. Our investment in and partnership with the community of Volga, West Virginia is a commitment to being a longstanding, reputable partner.


Safety of our employees is our highest value. Allegheny Metallurgical has established a workplace culture built on proper training and ingrained practices intended to keep our employees safe. Employees at all levels are responsible for maintaining these practices and ensuring the safety of their fellow workers.


From our management team to our employees, Allegheny Metallurgical fosters an atmosphere of stability and responsibility that results in strategic decisions for the operational well-being and future of our company. These plans will take into consideration not only our own operations but the needs of the community in which we operate.


Building a strong, diverse culture is vital to the recruitment and development of our people. Allegheny Metallurgical is committed to attracting, training, and developing our people into skilled leaders that reflect our values. We are recruiting both experienced and inexperienced applicants looking for a rewarding career. Additionally, we will be instituting a New Miner Training Program to help those making a career change.


This community is our community. Being an established and committed partner to the community will help foster and build long-term relationships. Allegheny Metallurgical is committed to being invested in its success, health, and well-being. We will continually evaluate projects and opportunities to build a stronger community.


It is vital to us to establish and follow best practices so that we operate in a manner that protects our natural resources and environment – water, air, and land. By minimizing our impacts on the environment, we can ensure that we are being good stewards to our community and the earth.


The site that we have chosen for our operations is a formerly abandoned mine site. The previous reclamation of the site was incomplete and there were issues with the work that was done. As we are building the infrastructure for our operations, we have already started the process of correcting these issues and we have started the reclamation and mitigation process of outlying areas so as to minimize the impact of our footprint.

In an effort to reduce greenhouse gases from our operations, Allegheny Metallurgical invested in repurposing an existing building – the former Volga Century Elementary School, which was closed in 2018 and has remained vacant – instead of constructing a new structure for the project’s headquarters. Utilizing an existing building will lower construction impacts, revitalize an unused building, and the upgrades have made the structure more energy efficient.

As part of our operational plans, we will be extending a water line to service the mine. This water line has the added benefit of providing water service to several of our neighbors who were not previously receiving water from the Century Volga Public Service District. In total, we plan to invest more than $300,000 in upgrading the infrastructure for the public service district.

View how the construction of our operations is progressing: